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Outdoor Wedding Decorating Tips

With spring wedding season right around the corner many brides-to be are getting ready to prepare for one of the biggest events in their lifetime—a fairy tale outdoor wedding! Planning an outdoor wedding could be fun but nerve-racking. While you are in awe over your beautiful outdoor wedding venue, the thought of an outside wedding may just make your stomach turn because you never know what mother-nature may have in store for you!  But being the smart bride-to-be you are, I am sure that you will have a back-up plan, right? If not, you better call the closest tent rental just in case; you never know what may occur.

After you have booked your tent as your backup plan, it’s time to think about decorating the outdoor venue. When you are thinking about decorating make sure that you have an open mind and that you are creative.  I have a few outdoor wedding decorating tidbits that will help you get started, as you begin decorating the perfect outdoor wedding venue!

Leave Your Guest with a Personable Touch—Make A Statement!
As a lover of nice outdoor weddings and receptions, my personal favorite is the horizontal long tables. The long horizontal tables are great with a crisp with tablecloth and you can actually put the table on a beach, at a nice intimate garden wedding reception, almost anywhere outdoors.  If you decide to go with the long tables, it is best that you have a small number of guests because the long tables give off a bit of intimacy or it adds that personable touch to your reception!  From classic tables to fabulous centerpieces, you must have nice centerpieces. If you are having a simple wedding, I would go with a simple, elegant centerpiece. Now your middle name is “flamboyant” you may want to go with a bolder centerpiece, one that is lavish and makes a statement!

Setting the Mood Right
To set the mood of your wedding or reception use candles, all sorts of candles always sets a romantic mood. Candles also are great for lighting, especially if your wedding runs late into the evening. Who knows you and your wedding guest just may party to the break of dawn and we all know that time flies when you are having fun! Another great way to light up your wedding ceremony and reception are string lights. String lights are very decorative and give a fun, intimate party ambiance. These lights are just perfect for your outdoor wedding activities!

Adding Some Pizazz to Your Nuptials
If you want to add some flair to your ceremony, try using drapes and paper lanterns.  Drapes will add a sense of style. T he color and the way the drapes are hung can easily give your guests a taste of you and grooms personality. If you use subtle drapes, you may come off as a calm person. If you use rich color drapes, you may come off as being extravagant! However, it doesn’t matter how your personality comes off, as long as your drapes go well with your wedding theme and ceremony! Choose your drapes based on your wedding colors and you will be fine! Paper Lanterns are also a great touch to an outdoor ceremony. The paper lanterns are used best when they are hung from a tent, canopy or gazebo. It also adds that special “sparkle” to you nuptials!

Wake Up and Smell the Flowers!
Selecting the ideal flower that goes perfect with your wedding theme would be the icing on the cake for your wedding decorations. Flowers add a sense of life to a venue, when choosing your flowers you could even select them off of your color scheme or you could go with your favorite flower, whichever you prefer! Just make sure you don’t forget about the flowers!

You have all the essential outdoor wedding decorating tips that will help you as you go on your wedding decorating excursion! Good Luck and Happy Decorating!

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  1. Taylen says

    I don’t have much about a wedding in my mind’s eye, but I do know that it will have to be outdoors! Loved he long table idea for the extra touch.

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